Return To Play

Rebuilding Resilience,
Risk and Reconnection

Can play be the answer to our most significant and complex social challenges of the 21st century? No one cures cancer, solves environmental challenges, or builds inclusion without the ability to play in the unknown.

About Brandi

Brandi is a world-class educator and speaker who utilizes the power of play to help organizations navigate diversity, inclusion, communication, self-care and mental health.

Brandi Heather is an award-winning Disability and Inclusion Educator and Therapeutic Play Specialist with over 25 years of experience.

Brandi began her career as a college and university professor in Kinesiology and Sport Studies specializing in Adapted Physical Education over 25 years ago. She achieved certification in Play Therapy and Advanced Play Therapy and uses those unique skills as her foundational tool kit to using play as a catalyst for change. She founded AMPED2PLAY INC. in 2017 and serves as its Chief Knowledge Officer creating products and professional services including the Original and Seniors ISOLOVEPLAY box, Braving Connection, Policy2People and SenseABLE Services Certifications and Training.

10 % of net profit from print book sales will go directly to Right To Play to Protect, Educate, and Empower 2.3 Million Children around the world to rise above adversity through the power of play.


I couldn't stop reading, I learned so much about what play means to all of our generations and why it must be valued in our daily lives.
A reader from
"This is a great book! I recommend folks get the paperback copy as it is brilliantly designed and beautifully written."
A reader from
“A book that the world has awaited for the longest time. Now is the time to play, if not now, then when?”
Susanne Mueller

The Power of People in Play

Seth Godin
“Play is a willingness to not win and still be okay with the journey. That’s what it is for me.”
Daniel Pink
“If we rehabilitate play, we might simultaneously resurrect our ability to get along and trust each other.”

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